Frequent questions

How does Beconnected portable wifi work?

Beconnected offers you the best solution to the main concern of any tourist. HAVE INTERNET at all times. Every traveler seeks to have internet as a basic need when traveling to another country. We give you the solution, we offer you at local costs to be connected to the network to use messaging, social networks, emails, etc. Your passenger experience will be different with Beconnected. WEAR WIFI #VAYASDONDEVAYAS

Should I configure something on my smartphone?

You just have to connect your smartphone to the Becconected portable Wi-Fi network as you do with any private or public Wi-Fi network without the need for any special steps.

We recommend that before switching on your smartphone in the country of destination, disconnect or disable connectivity to the data network or international mobile phone roaming. Consult your local service provider in your country of residence or support your smartphone brand about this procedure. The latest technology smartphones usually prioritize internet data traffic over the Wi-Fi network, but since that depends exclusively on your smartphone, avoid unnecessary charges from your operator.

Should I change my simcard / chip?

 No. You do not need to be doing uncomfortable tasks like changing simcard / chips, with the inconvenience that this causes. With Beconnected you just have to connect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi network and keep your phone number for those who need to contact you. This can usually be done from any phone.

Do I have international internet roaming charges?

No. You must disconnect the data roaming of your smartphone and connect directly to the Beconnected portable WiFi service for which you have already paid the corresponding charges when hiring it and its navigation is free.

How do I get my Beconnected device and how do I get it back?

That should be coordinated with one of our representatives. We can be waiting for you at the airport of arrival or as usual, to find it at your disposal at the check in of the hotel. In the same way when you return to your country, you can leave it in the name of Beconnected at the concierge of your hotel at the time of check out.

You can also coordinate with our representatives through We will look for the most appropriate delivery and return alternative so that you have the best experience.

What happens if I lose or break the device?

The Beconnected device is at your own risk as if it were your own smartphone. The loss or breakage of the same will generate an extra charge of USD 250 on your credit card.

Where can I use Beconnected?

Today you can use Beconnected throughout the territory of the Argentine Republic and also in more than 170 countries.

Is the Beconnected device always on?

Beconnected offers two types of devices. The portable wifi and the wifi for vehicles. The portable Wi-Fi device is autonomous with a 2000mAh battery. This allows you to have an autonomy of approximately 6 hours without recharging. Generally the complete recharge from scratch is done in 2 hours and you can use it to charge smartphones, tablets or connect it to any USB port. But if you usually leave your hotel for more than 6 hours, we can offer you a portable, small and practical powerbank for sale, which will allow you to connect it to the Beconnected device so that it has a range of more than 10 hours without charging.

The Wi-Fi for vehicles does not have autonomy and it must always be connected to a USB port for operation.

If the Beconnected device does not work, what do I do?

If the equipment does not turn on, check that it has a charge. If the equipment is charged but does not turn on and does not allow navigation, try to connect to any WiFi network that the hotel can provide you or wherever you are and contact us by WhatsApp between the hours of 09.00am to 07.00pm at +54 9 11 2485 3745 giving your information or after that time to the email:

How many personal devices can be connected to the Beconnected device?

Five (5) simultaneously to have a good internet browsing performance. Connecting more than five (5) personal devices simultaneously, not only reduces performance but also decreases battery autonomy.